Saturday, June 28, 2008


Winners International is a System, based on principles and driven by values, committed to providing the best education at the most affordable cost, to enable you to build a large and profitable Amway business.

Our Mission Statement

1. To provide the best education at the most affordable cost, to build a large profitable Amway business.

2. To be transparent in all our dealings.

3. To provide a balance and focus to build the Amway business.

4. To distribute generated income fairly, equitably and transparently.

How has this been done?

We have set up the system by establishing a strong alliance with Amway India Enterprises whereby we will use Amway's infrastructure to minimize cost and maximize quality and productivity.

The Business Support Materials (BSMs) produced and generated by Winners International will first pass through Amway's strict standards of quality control and on approval, will be available at the Amway's Distribution Center at an affordable cost (eg. Rs.60/- for the audio tapes/CDs). More importantly, these will carry full PV/BV.

This cost is well below the Amway's BSM guideline of Rs.80/. Even Tickets for mega events will get PV/BV.

Thus we are in a position to provide the best education at an affordable cost, which then allows all ABOs to participate in the profit sharing process by way of PV/BV and also gives them a sense of ownership. The availability of PV/BV also makes Winners International as clear and unambiguous as Amway's marketing plan, which has been around very successfully for over 45 years. One could not ask for better transparency.

By closely partnering with Amway and having access to their infrastructure, we have effectively minimized the cost of operations. For example, our employee numbers are drastically reduced - Winners International today runs with a skeletal strength of 10 employees - a great tribute to our model.

None of this would have been possible without the encouraging assistance from Amway Corporation. All of us at Winners International are extremely grateful to the Corporation for providing us their invaluable support and greatly appreciate their wholehearted assistance. The support from Amway makes this a system that is congruent with the Company's ethics and philosophy.

Over twenty Diamonds have brain stormed together and are working closely to come up with the Principles, processes and guidelines that will drive Winners International to its future vision - to provide the best leadership education at an affordable cost to build a large Amway business. What brings great pride to us is that Winners is principle driven not people driven. People may disappoint you, they may manipulate you but principles will never fail you.

As Indians we are very proud that this has taken shape in India.

Additionally, Winners International being principle driven, validates our country's strong spiritual foundation, which gives us a feeling of immense pride.

We are excited about Winners International and Amway Corporation coming together, and look forward to a great future, not only in India, but all over the world.

Don't you want to be Winner?

Well be a Winner and be with the Winners.

As of today all Winners BSM are being sold from Amway Distribution Centers, approximately one SKU is being added every week. We have successfully conducted a large number of BBSs, Dream Nights (with a grand opening of Winners - nationwide), two major events - Winners Days and Summer Conferences - all organized with thorough professionalism and each of them has been a huge success. We have also conducted two Silvers and up meets, a large Go Diamond and are now getting geared up for several Winners Day functions in November / December, across the country. All this in a less than one year period, that's a monumental achievement.

We see a great future for Winners International as we stream line operations; brain storm together and come up with the best possible synergy.

To further enhance the equity of Winners International, we have close ties with many international leaders like Ron Puryear (Crowns) and Greg Duncan (Triple Diamond) (Worldwide Dream Builders), Larry Winters (Leadership Team Development), Chuck and Jean Strehli (Crown Ambassadors); Jody and Cathy Victor (Crown Ambassadors), Carl and Marsha Reardon and many more. Winners with these friends represent very strong international ties and vice versa. We expect to have international speakers shortly at our functions

The future of Winners International is magnificent because the future of Amway is astonishing. We expect Winners to be the largest most successful system in the world, which will produce the most number of diamonds and above. As we witness this - we see an amazing future for all our leaders in all areas of their life - Family, Physical, Spiritual and Financial etc

We know that the winning combination of Amway, Winners and your dreams will change the map of India and the world. As you build your huge Amway business, we expect you will carry yourself like a winner, that you will be the ambassador that represents the spirit of Amway and Winners (through it's foundational principles) because you are truly Winners.

Happy Winning... Be a Winner - Be with the Winners.

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